Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tribal Travel Australia

Well we have been busy for the last week or so building a new website for Tribal Travel Noosa.
Owners Bob and Lucy met whilst backpacking Australia then back in England dreamt of settling down in Australia. They have chosen to live in Sunny Noosa and their Tribal Travel Shop is in Noosa Junction.
The new website for tribal travel is to introduce the Tribal Service to Backpackers where they can find out more information about traveling to Australia and enjoying what it has to offer.
We have tried to create a website that has a fun edge and a travel theme and will engage the target audience of 18 to 30 year old travellers. We have also included lots of images rather than text as requested by Lucy as she is sure some of the backpackers will not have English as their first language.
If you are traveling to Australia or are already here and would like to organise some travel, Tribal at Noosa offer free travel planning. Contact Tribal Travel on 1800 763 077